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The penguin is back! For attendees of the USA Expo, be sure to take a pic with the CReSIS Penguin #DCPenguin
Researchers find three-million-year-old landscape beneath Greenland Ice Sheet
Greenland ice sheet much older than thought, reports the NSF via @Reportingclimat


Monday, April 28th

  1. CReSIS Knowledge Transfer Meeting
    • Calendar: CReSIS Group Meetings
    • Start time: 02:00pm

Tuesday, April 29th

  1. PolarGrid Meeting
    • Calendar: CReSIS Group Meetings
    • Start time: 09:30am
  2. External Education Team Meeting
    • Calendar: CReSIS Education Team
    • Start time: 02:30pm

Thursday, May 1st

  1. CReSIS All-Hands: Steve Wolfe
    • Calendar: CReSIS Seminar/Lecture Series
    • Start time: 12:30pm