Student Spotlight: Lauren Brown


By Jennifer Salva
Winter 2013

Lauren Brown joined CReSIS at the University of Kansas two years ago as an Office Assistant. This May, she will be graduating from KU’s five-year MARH (Master of Architecture) program.

During her time at CReSIS, Lauren’s work ethic and organizational skills have been an asset to the office. She believes that as an architecture student, she has brought a little variety to the CReSIS workplace.

Lauren is also excited to use skills she has developed at CReSIS towards her architecture career.

“This is the first time I’ve ever had an office job, so it’s been really constructive for me to just learn how to communicate with people in a professional environment,” she said.

Even though architecture is her major, it also fills most of her free time, Lauren said. “I enjoy it so much. I do a lot of projects, sometimes with my boyfriend Kadim, he’s also an architecture student,” she said. Lauren also enjoys cooking, playing with her cat and going on road trips.

Lauren and her team members from Kansas State University and the University of Missouri Kansas City were chosen as finalists in the Urban Land Institute’s Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition. The high level of competition drew entries from 149 teams and 70 universities, according to the University of Kansas website.

If her team wins the competition, Lauren plans to travel to Europe with the award money—but for now, she is looking forward to her road trip to Toronto following graduation.

Lauren Brown

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