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Ice Sheets and Sea Level Data Alley, Anandakrishnan, Parizek, Pollard, Riverman, Holschuh, Muto, Fegyveresi, Stevens, Luthra, Christianson, Horgan, Voigt, Burkett and Winberry Download Presentation
Flyby Sounding of Europa's Icy Shell: Radar Investigations, Analogs, and Instruments for the Europa Clipper Mission Blakenship, Schmidt, Schroeder, Soderlund and Grima Download Presentation
Flyby Sounding of Europa's Icy Shell: Radar Investigations, Analogs, and Instruments for the Europa Clipper Mission Blakenship, Schmidt, Schroeder, Soderlund and Grima Download Presentation
An introduction on CHINARE's airborne platform Bo Download Presentation
Spatial variability of interior ice-sheet accumulation determined with an FM-CW radar and connections to the NAO Braaten, Gogineni, Laird, Buchardt and Barbour Download Presentation
Determining winter mass balance and the previous year snowline position of the Juneau Icefield, Alaska, using high-frequency ground-penetrating radar Campbell, McNeil, Arcone, Kreutz, Koons, Hamilton and Conway Download Presentation
Constrained Ice Stream Flow in Northeast Greenland Christian, Christianson, Alley, Peters, Keisling, Riverman, Muto, Anandakrishnan and Jacobel Download Presentation
Subglacial water and sediment transport across the grounding zone of Whillans Ice Stream, West Antarctica Christianson, Horgan, Parizek, Alley, Walker, Anandakrishnan, Jacobel et al. Download Presentation
Automatic Identification of Ice Layers in Radar Echograms Crandall, Mitchell, Fox and Paden Download Presentation
Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Radio Echo Sounding CReSIS Aerospace Engineering Team Download Presentation
Deformation and folds of the basal ice under the Greenland ice sheet Dahl-Jensen, Panton and Gogineni Download Presentation
Determination of anisotropic ice fabric using seismic data Diez, Eisen, Hofstede, Weikusat, Polom, Bohlen, Lambrecht, Mayer and Miller Download Presentation
Model meets radar data: About a migrating divide in eastern Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica Drews Download Presentation
Opening Remarks Gogineni Download Presentation
Firn variability derived from a statistical analysis of airborne ice penetrating radar: Thwaites Glacier catchment, West Antarctica Grima, Schroeder, Blankenship and Young Download Presentation
A new Greenland subglacial topographic DEM derived from MCORDS data by application of mathematical morphological algorithms Herzfeld, Chen, McDonald, Wallin, Paden, Leuschen, Greve and Fastook Download Presentation
Ice Deformations in Fram Strait - Comparisons of CICE Simulations with Analysis and Classification of Airborne Remote-Sensing Data Herzfeld, Hunke and McDonald Download Presentation
Using radar layer data in ice-sheet models: the whole ice-sheet problem Hindmarsh Download Presentation
The Effects of Reflector Geometry on Radar Data Acquisition Holschuh, Anandakrishnan, Christianson Download Presentation
Clutter and Cross-Track Slopes: Interpreting airborne and orbital radar-sounding data in glacial environments Holt, Kempf and Young Download Presentation
Morphology of Basal Crevasses at the Grounding Zone of Whillans Ice Stream, West Antarctica Jacobel, Christianson, Wood, DallaSanta and Gobel Download Presentation
The Sensitivity Greenland force balance calculations to mass conserving reconstructions of the bed Johnson, Brinkerhoff, Stearns, Csatho and van der Veen Download Presentation
Sensitivity of Thwaites Glacier to Ice Shelf Melting Joughin and Smith Download Presentation
On the errors involved in the estimate of glacier ice volume from ice thickness data Lapazaran, Martín-Español, Otero and Navarro Download Presentation
IceSAR 2012 Campaign Result on P-Band SAR Ice Flow Observation Lin, Buck, Casal, Davidson, Arcioni, Scipal, Dall, Kusk, Nielsen, Kristensen, Wal, Tebaldini, Banda and Rocca Download Presentation
Effects of firn on determining bed topography of polar ice sheets using radar Matsuoka, Ligtenberg and Van den Broeke Download Presentation
UAV-mounted GPR for remote area radioglaciology McCallum Download Presentation
Material heterogeneity in suture zones of the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica McGrath, Steffen, Holland, Scambos, Rajaram, Abdalati and Rignot Download Presentation
Constraining the recent sea-level contribution of Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers using CReSIS airborne radar systems Medley, Joughin, Smith, Das, Steig, Conway, Gogineni, Criscitiello, McConnell, van den Broeke, Lenaerts, Bromwich and Nichols Download Presentation
Southeast Greenland snow accumulation rate variability and perennial firn aquifer extent using Icebridge radar data Miege, Forster, Koenig, Box and Burgess Download Presentation
A Survey of Techniques for Detecting Layers in Polar Radar Imagery Mitchell, Crandall, Fox and Paden Download Presentation
Bed topography under Greenland outlet glaciers revealed by Operation IceBridge data Morlighem, Rignot, Mouginot, Seroussi and Larour Download Presentation
Applying a Composite Pattern Scheme to Clutter Cancellation with the Airborne POLARIS Ice Sounder Morrison, Bennett and Scheiber Download Presentation
Radar Sounding of Temperate Ice Masses Mouginot, Rignot, Gim and Kirchner Download Presentation
Comparison of Methods for Ice Bottom Mapping Raghunandan, Paden, Blunt, Leuschen, Jezek and Wu Download Presentation

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