REU 2016

Looking for a summer internship? Check out the CReSIS REU program! Applications for the CReSIS summer REU program are due on April 1, 2016. Don’t miss out on a great undergraduate research opportunity! Learn more

Greenland Update

CReSIS radars played a key role in helping uncover new information about the Greenland Ice Sheet’s movement over the past 9,000 years. Learn more

Glacier Fun!

Play Glacier Fun, designed by CReSIS GRA Kuang Chen-Hsu! Learn more

New Unit for Ice, Ice, Baby!

Head over to the Education Page to check out a new unit about polar survival. Lessons are hands-on, inquiry-based, and meet the NGSS standards for school districts. Learn more

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RT : Jayhawks notice the small things when they , like West District's window designs. https://t.co/8QYeqKvgUp https://t.co/Wx3OVftcxV
RT : It's not everyday you learn how to make topographical maps. Our volunteers from are fantastic! https://t.co/R3IhWFoRTZ
CReSIS Outreach Coordinater Jennah Seaver visiting South Middle School’s GRRRRL Power Club Lockdown: https://t.co/KOLlmjF7f8


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