Happy Earth Day from KU CReSIS

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Radars help create 3-D view of structure, age of Greenland's ice

CReSIS engineers developed ice-penetrating radars used by NASA’s Operation IceBridge to build the first-ever comprehensive map of layers deep inside the Greenland Ice Sheet. Learn more

CReSIS Icebreaker Newsletter Now Available

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Environmental Science Club Starts up at Southwest Middle School

Southwest Middle School established Environmental Club with help from middle school teacher, Marci Leuschen and CReSIS Education Outreach staff member, Krystle Neal. The club aims at educating students with a variety of engaging hands-on activities. Learn more

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Kuang Chen-Hsu, CReSIS Ed. GRA, wants to spark children's interest in glacier science http://t.co/mInNGVtLhW http://t.co/P1p4j85Lwy


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